A Holistic Approach to

Mechanical Integrity Delivers Value Beyond OSHA PSM Compliance

Almost half (44.1 percent) of OSHA citations issued under the Chemical National Emphasis Program (NEP) resulted from failure to comply with Mechanical Integrity and RAGAGEP directives. But a holistic Mechanical Integrity (MI) program can drive value past OSHA Process Safety Management (PSM) compliance and also deliver safer, more efficient and more reliable facilities with less fines/citations.

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View the web event presentation replay and experience how Mechanical Integrity and engineering experts illustrate what conventional OSHA Process Safety Management Mechanical Integrity compliance looks like. They then highlight the added value and benefits that a holistic approach, as well as profile all the components, of a holistic MI program.

And once you’ve learned more about what holistic MI offers, you can schedule a GAP Analysis with comprehensive plant review to begin your plant’s drive for value beyond compliance.

Here's what a GAP Analysis with comprehensive plant review provides:

•  Identify your current status of compliance (non-compliance, conventional, holistic)
•  Provide an understanding of what you need to be compliant
•  Generate the basis of a path toward holistic compliance
•  Deliver a complete reliability profile of your plant

With that analysis, you've already taken your first step on the road to a compliant, safer, more reliable and more efficient plant.

The live event has passed, but you can view our On-Demand Presentation here: